Favorite Stunts?

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Nov 9, 2010
Just a random question... What are your favorite stunts?
MiNe are extentsion scorpions, 360 ups, kick doubles, kick arch baskets and double downs
As a single stunt, I've always loved Maddie Gardner's ball up 360 tick tock. I remember when I saw it live for the first time my jaw was on the ground just hanging there.
i like rewinds. also 360 downs, where the bases twist the flier, do you know what i mean? haha yeah those are cool.
i am a fan of the 2 stretch tick tock.
I love watching stretch to stretch for some reason, but I have an issue with flyers who don't have good right stretches... I understand favouring your left side, after all that is the leg you pull all positions with, but leaving your right side completely un-stretched.. not a good thing
I'd have to say my favorite stunt is a rewind cupie....hitting that first one i think the sky opened up and the sun started shining haha
has to be double downs and any girl with good stretches always stand out and look pretty to me!

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