What Was Your Most Advanced Tumbling Move After A Year?

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Apr 25, 2011
i'm starting to learn how to tumble this week and i'm thinking of setting a goal for how far i want to be in a year just so i can maybe push myself. i just have no idea what is like a normal place to be after a year. so tell me your most advanced move after a year. i know other people are different. i just kinda wanna see where other people where at :)
I've only been tumbling for about 3 months now, but my most advanced skill is a standing tuck. My 1 year goal is to be working fulls.
My daugher started at 5 and by 6 she had a bhs by 7 she had a robhs tuck and a standing tuck, by 8 she had a full, by 9 she has 1 to a full, multiple jumps to a tuck, tricks to a full and a double(sometimes). Good luck!!! I think when you start later in life it may take longer because fear becomes a factor! Take your time and set reasonable goal and you will do great!
gosh it took me two years and 2 months to get my handspring, broke my arm and lost it for most of the season and then just got it back for my last competition. everyone is different learning skills, good luck
i think it really depends on you- its different for everyone and for different skills! it took me a lonngg time to get my bhs and its still ugly and blahh :/
My cp was 9 when she started with a RO and a year later she had standing BHS and running RO BHS tuck. Layout came like a week later. But also understand that she didn't progress from that until after the following season was over because she was working on other things. I think it depends a lot on where you start, how old you are and how often you can work on higher tumbling skills.
I started working on BHS at the beginning of the 09/10 season, and I got it at the beginning of the 10/11 season. Then in about 2 or 3 months I got my RO Tuck, but now it's really inconsistent because of my stupid mind games/mental blocks. :(
I'm 15, if that makes a difference. But it took me 3 months to get my bhs (once I started working on it consistently) and I got it in January of this year. I got my ro bhs the same day (10 minutes later) and then lost the standing handspring. Last month I got the standing and am now working standing tucks. I have roundoff multiple handsprings and am working roundoff tucks as well. I'm hoping to have a layout by the end of the summer.
My 8yo daughter's been pretty consistent so far. First year she was on cheer she was on a rec team and by the end of the year got her roundoff. After year two, she has strong multiple standing bhs and a robhs. Her goals for this year are to get her aerial, front handspring, front punch, and a consistent robhs tuck, and she's fairly close on a couple of them.
I first started tumbling when I was in 4th grade. I took a small class out of an elemetary school gym where I was learning how to do a back walkover. When I left there I had a backwalkover where I started on my head first (instead of with my arms) and pushed over. I back headover? hahah. Needless to say I wanted to become more serious about it so I moved to an actual gymnastics place. In one year I was doing my roundoff backhandspring. Best decision I ever made was to work hard and get myself to that point. If you literally JUST started tumbling I would shoot for maybe getting your backhandspring by the end of the year. I know that seems like a while to learn one skill but the longer you work on your handspring, which to me is the foundation of SO MANY skills, and the stronger it becomes, the better your tumbling will be in the long run. Good Luck!