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Dec 8, 2012
Small coed six about to be the next small all girl.

Everybody remembers when small all girl was a bigger division and now it’s tiny.

I just really quickly went through a list of contenders in my head and at this point I am not even sure who is left in SMCoed6 other than BSB.

It only had 10 teams last worlds.

Midnight is medium now. Coed Elite is open. Smoed is open.

That leaves like maybe six or seven. And that’s not even counting other teams who may have gone open that we don’t know about.
For this season, I think Macs Cheer Senior Starz would be the contender. I watched their showcase vid and they're awesome.

Is KC Cheer Fierce 5 still in Small Coed 6? Their routine was impressive last season.

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