High School No Tumbling, Stunts Or Dance W/o Repitition :o

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Jan 5, 2011
I recently joined a high school cheer squad in chicago. I came from the East Coast and my first experience with cheer, was an allstar gym. When I joined my schools squad they told me they did no tumbling or stunts and also their dance is one piece of a dance that is repeated 4 times in a row. The coach put me on in the middle of the year to teach stunts (and my friend to help with tumbling) since the cheerleaders get no respect from student because of their halftime routines. We came up with an awesome dance but, while the coach likes what we're doing the girls are very resistant and...well just plain lazy. Anything we can do to kinda kick the girls in the butt or should we let them stay the way they are???
you just have to either tell the c oach to whip them into shape, or leave them the way they are. you arent really a coach so you can't take that role of authority. however, if you are really concerned for the team and the coach knows that she should definately take your suggestions into consideration. my coach listens to what we all have to say and takes it in and tries sometimes to work it into what we are doing.
i think you should leave it up to the girls, but not without telling them that if they want respect then they have to earn it. my captains, and even other girls on the team, myself included, all want to do well and show people what cheerleading is. make them want it. if they dont, then its their loss, not yours, or anyone elses.

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