All-Star Nca Results Spreadsheet

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Only reason I'm not opening it to public is because I'm only collecting results, so I think I can handle it myself! And another spreadsheet I made got teams deleted, so I think it's best to do it myself. I just wanted to share the link so people can refer to it as they need and they can organize it by gym, division, etc!
FYI - you can always go back, like WIKI, and restore previous versions if someone jacks with it. All of this will be public information, so people shouldn't have much incentive to try to hide or lie about anything.

I do get the idea of wanting to keep control of it, though. That is definitely how I used to be.
Opening this to the public to edit. Very time consuming for me to do all of it! And also, by making it public means you can organize the columns however you want. (by gym, division, etc)
Locked 1st row so that sorts don't mess up column headings.
I do appreciate everyone helping out on this since I've been extremely stressed out with some school stuff (for the record I only went on fierceboard for 5 minutes total yesterday...crazy for me right?!) but it's really annoying when team names get deleted, and no one fixes it. If you delete something accidentally, just do me a favor and hit UNDO! Sorry I haven't had enough time to finish it up. Hopefully I will soon. (for those of you who didn't think it was true, I actually have a life outside of this website ;)) hahaha!

And just fyi on mine as well, go to the tab at the bottom and use the Copy of NCA by gym... looks like it hasn't been messed up as much!

@hypeman are you talking about mine? It should be open to the public. Let me know if you have trouble.
Not open for further replies.